Get paid for your knowledge and expertise

Truss gives you a custom link to generate revenue by answering questions from your audience.

An iPhone shows a question asked by ”Cameron Williamson”.
Cody Fisher, a Truss user, has accrued $82 which he can collect.
Cameron Williamson has paid Cody Fisher $3 to answer a question.

How it works

Share your custom link

Build your Truss profile, create your link, and set your rate

Receive questions

Let your audience know they can ask you questions and get personal advice

Get paid

Share your knowledge to build a recurring revenue stream

Share your link anywhere

Drive your audience to your Truss page by adding your custom link to your social pages

Your time is money

You choose the questions you want to answer, customize the services you want to offer, and set your own rates. Truss helps you build new income streams from the interactions you’re already having with your audience.

Build connections with your audience

Truss connects you directly to your biggest fans and the people who want to work with you.

Who’s using Truss?

Truss is for everyone. Join the community today and start engaging with your audience like never before.


Have questions? We’re here to help.

How do I receive questions on Truss?

How do I answer questions on Truss?

Are there any requirements for how I answer questions?

What happens if I do not want to answer a question or if I do not know how to answer a question?

Will I be paid for answering questions?

How much should I charge per question?

What happens if someone requests a refund?

Other Questions

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